Friday, August 31, 2012


1. Aanapakaya(cut into cubes) -- 1Cup
2. Chopped Onions -- 1/4Cup
3. Diced Tomatoes -- 1/4Cup
4. Tamarind Paste -- 3-4tbsp
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Mustard Seeds -- 1tbsp
7. Green Chilli -- 4
8. Red Chilli -- 4
9. Drumstick
10. Curry Leaves -- 5
11. Fenugreek Seeds -- 1/2tbsp
12. Jaggery(Grated) -- 1tbsp
13. Oil -- 2-3tbsp
14. Gram Flour -- 4-5tbsp
15. Asafoetida

Method To Prepare:
1. First Cook the Chopped Onions, Bottle Gourd, Tomato, Drumstick Pieces and keep a side.
2. Then heat Oil in a Pan and add Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Fenugreek Seeds and fry them for 2min.

3. Now add the Cooked Vegetables to the Pan.

4. Then mix the Gram Flour in water and add that water to the Pan.

5. Finally add Asafoetida, Salt and Turmeric(Optional) to it and Let it boil for about 10-15min.
6. Tasty Aanapakaya Pulusu is Ready to Serve.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012



1. Sooji -- 1Cup
2. Sugar -- 1Cup
3. Cardamom Seeds -- 1tbsp
4. Warm Milk -- As Required
5. Cashews -- 1/2Cup
6. Raisins -- 1/2Cup
7. Ghee -- 4tbsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Ghee in a pan and add Cashews. Fry them till they turn into golden brown color.

2. Then remove Cashews from the pan and add Raisins. Fry them and keep aside.

 3. Now add Sooji Rava and roast it untill it turns into slight brown color.

4. Blend Sugar and Cardamom Seeds into fine powder.
5. Now tramsfer the roasted Sooji to a bowl and add the roasted Cashews, Raisins and Sugar and Cardamom Powder and mix it well.

5. Now add Warm Milk to this mixture as required to bind it in the form of a Laddu.
Finally Tasty Sooji Laddu is Ready to Eat....


1. Fresh Strawberries -- 5
2. Banana -- 1
3. Cool Whip -- 1/2Cup
4. Sugar -- To Taste(Optional)

In this Recipe i have used Cool Whip (Whipping Cream).

Method To Prepare:
1. Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend them smoothly.
2. Then transfer to a Serving Glass.

Serve Chilled.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


1. Basmati Rice(Cooked) -- 1Cup
2. Tomato(Chopped) -- 1Cup
3. Chopped Onions -- 1/2Cup
4. Green Chilli -- 6
5. Ginger(Chopped) -- 2Tbsp
6. Tomato Sauce -- 2Tbsp
7. Salt -- To Taste
8. Pulao Masala -- 2Tbsp
9. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tbsp
10. Salt -- To Taste
11. Oil -- 2Tbsp
12. Fresh Cilantro -- For Garnishing.
13. Turmeric -- 1/4Tbsp

Method To Prepare:
1.  First heat Oil in a pan and add Cumin Seeds, Ginger and Green Chilli.

2. Then add Chopped Onions to the pan and fry them till they turn transparent.

3. Now add chopped Tomatoes and Salt and cook till the Tomatoes become soft.

4. Then add Red Chilli Powder, Pulao Masala and mix it well.

5. Now add Cooked Basmati Rice.

6. Finally add Tomato Sauce to it and mix it well.

7. Tasty Tomato Pulao is Ready to Serve.

Enjoy the Taste of Tomato Pulao along with Plain Curd or Any Raitha of your choice.

Monday, August 27, 2012


1. Cracked Wheat -- 1Cup
2. Moong Dal -- 1/2Cup
3. Green Chilli -- 5
4. Red Chilli -- 5
5. Urad Dal -- 1Tbsp
6. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tbsp
7. Curry Leaves -- 10no.s
8. Salt -- To Taste
9. Oil -- 4-5 Tbsp
10. Water -- 3Cups

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Oil in a Pressure Pan and add Urad Dal, Cumin Seeds, Green Chilli, Red Chilli and Curry Leaves. Fry them till the Urad Dal changes its color into golden brown.

2. Then add Moong Dal to the Pan and fry it for 5min.

3. Later you can  add Cracked Wheat, Salt to the Pan and add Water. 

4. Close the lid of the Pressure Pan and let it cook for upto 2 whistles.
5. Then after the pan looses its pressure completely just open it and mix everything once.
5. Finally Tasty Cracked Wheat Khichdi is Ready to Serve.

I Love to enjoy this Cracked Wheat Khichdi along with Tomato Raitha.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


1. Ulavalu (Horse Gram) -- 1/2Cup
2. Tomato(Finely Chopped) -- 1/4Cup
3. Tamarind Juice -- 4-5Tbsp
4. Green Chilli -- 4
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Ghee -- 2Tbsp
7.  Curry Leaves -- 5no.s
8. Water -- 2Cups
9. MTR Rasam Powder -- 2Tbsp
10. Red Chilli Powder -- 1Tbsp
11. Turmeric -- 1/4Tbsp

For Tampering:
1. Mustard Seeds  -- 1Tbsp
2. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tbsp
3. Red Chilli -- 4

Method To Prepare:
1. Soak the Horse Gram(Ulavalu) for One Night.
2. Pressure Cook the soaked Horse Gram(Ulavalu) by adding a Tbsp of Salt upto 8 or 9 whistles.
3. Then blend the cooked Horse Gram(Ulavalu) into a fine paste.

4. Now heat Ghee in a pan and add Green Chilli, Curry Leaves and Chopped Tomatoes to it.

5. Then add the Tamarind Juice, Horse Gram(Ulavalu) Paste, Red Chilli Powder, Turmeric, Salt and Water to the Pan.

6. Close it with a lid and let it boil for about 15-20Min.
7. Then add Rasam Powder to the Pan and Mix it well.
8. Now lets Tamper this Recipe. Heat Ghee in a small pan and add Mustard Seeds and Cumin Seeds to it. When they start spluttering add it to the Ulava Charu.
9. Finally Tasty Ulava Charu / Horse Gram Rasam is Ready to Serve.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


1. Fresh Cranberries -- 1Cup
2. Lemon Juice -- 1/2Cup
3. Sugar -- To Taste
4. Water -- 1Cup

Method To Prepare:
1. First blend the Cranberries by adding water and then strain the Juice into a bowl.
2. Now add Sugar and Lemon Juice to it.
3. Mix it well and Serve Chilled.
 Simple and Tasty Cranberry Lemonade is Ready to Serve.


1. Cabbage -- 1/2Cup
2. Toor Dal -- 1Cup
3. Turmeric -- 1/4Tbsp
4. Salt -- To Taste
5. Onions(Finely Chopped) -- 1/4Cup
6. Green Chilli -- 5

For Tampering:
1. Red Chilli -- 5
2. Ghee -- 2Tbsp
3. Mustard Seeds -- 1/2Tbsp
4. Cumin Seeds -- 1/2Tbsp
5. Garlic Cloves -- 4

Method To Prepare:
1. First pressure cook the Toor Dal, Cabbage and Chopped Onions by adding Turmeric and Green Chilli upto 4 Whistles.

2. Then heat Ghee in a pan and add Garlic, Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds and Red Chilli. Fry them till the Garlic changes its color into golden brown.

3. Now remove the lid of the pressure cooker and add the above tampering to the cooked dal.

4. Add Salt and 1Cup of Water to it and let it Boil for about 10-15min on low flame.
5. Finally Tasty Cabbage Dal is Ready to Serve.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1. Five Grains (Farro Grains, Wheat, Barley, Rice and Whole Grain Oats) -- 1Cup

These 5 Grains are easily available in the stores. It is known as Italian 5 Grains.

2. Chopped Bell Peppers(Green, Red, Orange and Yellow) -- 1/4Cup
3. Garlic -- 2Cloves
4. Ginger(Finely Chopped) -- 1Tbsp
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Vegetable Stock -- 2Cups
7. Water -- 1Cup
8. Olive Oil -- 2Tbsp
9. Oregano Seasoning
10. Parsley Leaves

In this Recipe i have used Vegetable Cooking Stock. You can get this in the Stores.

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Oil in a pan and add Chopped Ginger and Garlic.
2. Fry them for 2min and add Chopped Bell Peppers.

3. Fry them for 5min and add the Vegetable Cooking Stock, Oregano Seasoning and Parsley Leaves.

4.  When it starts boiling add 5 Grains, Salt and 1 Cup of Water. Close the lid and let it cook for about 20min.

5. Finally Tasty and Healthy 5 Grains Rice is Ready to Serve.

Note: To make this Rice you need to take 2Cups of Vegetable Cooking Stock and 1Cup of Water for 1Cup of Grains.
You can enjoy this 5 Grains Rice along with 5 Vegetables Gravy.

Click below for the Recipe of 5 Vegetables Gravy.


1. Five different Vegetables( Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions, Carrots and Broccoli) -- 1Cup
I have used 4 types of Bell Peppers(Green, Orange, Red and Yellow) and Grape Tomatoes. You can even use normal Tomatoes.
2. Tofu
3. Green Chilli -- 2
4. Ginger(Chopped) -- 1Tbsp
5. Garlic -- 2Cloves
6. Soy Sauce -- 2Tbsp
7. Vinegar -- 2Tbsp
8. Corn Starch -- 2Tbsp
9. Salt -- To Taste
10. Olive Oil -- 2Tbsp
11. Vegetable Cooking Stock -- 2Cups
12. Water -- 1/4Cup
13. Red Chilli Paste -- 1Tbsp

Vegetable Cooking Stock used in this recipe is bought from the Store.

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Oil in a pan and add Ginger, Garlic and Green Chilli.

2. Fry them for 2min and add Chopped Onions.

3. Fry them till the Onions turn transparent.
4. Then add all the Chopped Bell Peppers.

5. Fry them till they become soft.
6. Then add Broccoli to the pan and fry till it becomes soft.

7. Now add the Tomatoes and Salt. Cook till they become soft.

8. Then you can add Tofu(Cut into 1 inch Cubes) and fry it for 5min.

9.Now add Vegetable Stock, Soy Sauce, Vinegar and Red Chilli Paste to the Pan.

10. Mix the Corn Starch in the Water and add it to the Pan to thicken the Gravy.
11. Close it with a lid and let it cook for 5-10min on Medium Heat.
12. Finally Tasty 5 Vegetables Gravy is Ready to Serve.

You can enjoy this Gravy with 5 Grains Rice / Fried Rice.