Thursday, February 13, 2014


1. Green Bell Peppers -- 2
2. Mint Leaves -- 1 Full Bunch
3. Garlic Cloves -- 4
4. Green Chilli -- 5
5. Red Chilli -- 5
6. Channa Dall -- 2Tsp
7. Urad Dal -- 1Tsp
8. Fenugreek Seeds -- 1/2Tsp
9. Mustard Seeds -- 1Tsp
10. Oil -- 4Tsp
11. Tamarind -- Small Lemon Sized
12. Jaggery Powder -- 2Tsp
13. Salt -- To Taste

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Oil in a pan and add garlic cloves, channa dal, urad dal, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, green chilli and red chilli.
2. Fry them till all the dals turn into golden brown color.
3. Then add chopped bell peppers to the pan.

4. After 2min add mint leaves, salt, tamarind, jaggery powder and let it cook on medium flame by closing it with a lid.

5. Cook till the bell peppers become soft.
6.  Now remove it from heat and let it cool down.
7. Later add everything to the blender and blend it coarsely.
8. Finally Tasty Bell Pepper-Mint Chutney is Ready To Serve.

Monday, February 10, 2014


1. Cooked Dalia (Broken Wheat/Cracked Wheat) -- 1Cup
2. Chopped Onions -- 1Cup
3. Chopped Cilantro -- 1Cup
4. Salt -- To Taste
5. Garam Masala -- 2Tbsp
6. Green Chilli -- 5
7. Oil -- 4Tsp
8. Ginger Garlic Paste -- 2Tsp
9. Oil -- For Shallow Fry

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat oil in a pan and add green chilly and chopped onions to it and fry till they turn transparent.

2. Then add cooked dalia, chopped cilantro, garam masala, salt and ginger-garlic paste to it. 

3. Mix everything well and let it cook for 5min.

4. Then remove it from heat and let it cool down. Once it gets cooled, make patties out of it and shallow fry them on both sides nicely till they turn to dark brown color.

5. Finally Tasty Dalia Kababs are Ready To Serve.

Enjoy them with Tomato Sauce..........

Sunday, February 9, 2014


1. Banana (Sliced) -- 1
2. Fresh Strawberries (Sliced) -- 6
3. Pineapple Chunks -- 1/4Cup
4. Heavy Whipping Cream -- 1/4Cup
5. Chocolate Brownie (Crumbled) -- 1
6. Sugar -- 2Tsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First of all make a chocolate brownie, crumble it and keep aside. For the Chocolate Brownie Recipe visit my other post.
2. Then take the heavy whipping cream and sugar together in a large bowl and whip it nicely using a hand blender till it becomes fluffy.
3. Now take a serving glass, add chopped fruits as the bottom layer.

4. The next layer would be whipping cream and crumbled brownie.

5. Then again add one more layer of fruits and top it with whipping cream.
6. Garnish with a slice of Strawberry and Serve chilled.
Enjoy the Tasty Banana Split Brownie And Cream Trifle.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


1. Chopped Cabbage -- 2Cups
2. Chopped Onions -- 1Cup
3. Green Peas -- 1/2Cup
4. Salt -- To Taste
5. Urad Dal -- 1Tsp
6. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tsp
7. Asafoetida -- 1/4Tsp
8. Green Chilli -- 6
9. Red Chilli -- 4
10. Curry Leaves -- 6
11. Oil -- 4Tsp
12. Chopped Ginger -- 2Tsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat oil in a non-stick kadai and add urad dal, cumin seeds, curry leaves, green chilli, red chilli, ginger and asafoetida.
(I forgot to add red chilli while cooking. But it looks good if you add).
2. Fry them till the urad dal changes its color to golden brown.

3. Then add chopped onions to the kadai and fry till they turn transparent.

4. Later add the chopped cabbage and salt. Close it with a lid and let it cook till the cabbage becomes soft on a medium flame.

5. When the cabbage is cooked nicely then add green peas. I have used frozen green peas so i added in the last but if you are using the fresh ones, soak them first and then add the green peas along with cabbage. So that they can also be cooked well.

6. Mix everything well and let it cook on low flame for 5-10min.
7. Finally Tasty Cabbage Stir Fry is Ready to Serve.

Friday, February 7, 2014


1. Aval (Rice Flakes / Poha) -- 1Cup
2. Moong Dal -- 1/2Cup
3. Grated Jaggery -- 1/4Cup
4. Milk -- 1/2Cup
5. Green Cardamom Powder -- 1/4Tsp
6. Water -- 1/4Cup
7. Ghee -- 4Tsp
8. Dry Fruits -- 1/4Cup

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat ghee in a pan and roast the dry fruits and keep them aside.

2. Then in the same pan add moong dal and roast it for 2min.

3. Now add Milk and Water together and let it cook till the moong dal becomes soft by closing it with a lid.
4. Then add grated jaggery. Mix well and cook for 2min.

5. Later add aval to the pan.

6. Now add more 1/4Cup of milk to the pan.
7. Add cardamom powder and mix everything well.
8. Let it cook for 5min on low flame and finally tasty Aval Pongal is Ready to Serve.
Garnish with Roasted Dry Fruits and Serve it.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


1. Quinoa -- 1Cup
2. Curd -- 1Cup
3. Urad Dal -- 1Tsp
4. Mustard Seeds -- 1Tsp
5. Green Chilli -- 3
6. Curry Leaves -- 5
7. Ginger (Finely Chopped) -- 2Tsp
8. Cashews -- 1/4Cup
9. Ghee -- 2Tsp
10. Black Peppercorns -- 5
11. Fresh Coriander Leaves -- To Garnish
12. Salt -- To Taste
13. Rec Chilli -- 2

Method To Prepare:
1. First pressure cook quinoa and keep aside.
2. Then heat ghee in a pan and add Urad Dal, Mustard Seeds, Green Chilli, Curry Leaves, Ginger, Cashews and Black Pepper.

3. Now take the cooked quinoa in a bowl and add this tampering, salt and curd to it.

4. Mix it well and Garnish with Finely Chopped Fresh Coriander Leaves.
5. Finally Tasty and Healthy Quinoa Bagalabath is Ready to Serve.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


1. Tindora
2. Gram Flour (Besan) -- 1Cup
3. Finely Grated Coconut -- 1/2Cup
4. Cinnamon Powder -- 1/2Tsp
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Red Chilli Powder -- 4Tsp
7. Oil -- 1/2Cup

Method To Prepare:
1. First wash the tindora nicely and then cut it into 4 parts. But remember to cut only 3/4th part of the tindora.

2. Now take a bowl and add gram flour, grated coconut, cinnamon powder, salt, 4-5Tsp Oil and red chilli powder.
Mix everything well and make it into a masala paste.

3. Then stuff the masala mixture into the cut tindoras slowly without breaking them.
4. Also keep some of the masala mixture aside to add it later.

5. Now add Oil in a non-stick kadai and add the stuffed tindoras. Spinkle some water over them, add some salt and close it with a lid.
6. Let them cook on low flame till the tindoras become soft.
7. Then add the remaining masala mixture to the pan and mix well.

8. Again let it cook for 10-15min on low flame.
9. Finally Tasty Stuffed Tindora Curry is Ready To Serve.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


1. Vermicelli -- 1/4 Cup
2. Oats -- 1/4 Cup
3. Chopped Ginger -- 1Tsp
4. Finely Chopped Curry Leaves -- 1/2Tsp
5. Finely Chopped Onions -- 2Tbsp
6. Finely Chopped Tomato -- 4 Tbsp
7. Grated Carrots --2Tbsp
8. Salt -- To Taste
9. Tomato Ketchup -- 1Tsp
10. Almond And Cashew Powder -- 2Tsp. (Optional)
11. Mozzarella Cheese -- 2Tsp
12. Ghee -- 2Tbsp.
13. Cumin Powder -- 1/4Tsp
14. Coriander Powder -- 1/4Tsp

Method To Prepare:
1.  First heat ghee in a pan and add ginger and curry leaves.

2. Fry them for 2min and then add chopped onions. Fry them till they become transparent.

3. Then add chopped tomato and cook till it become soft.

4. Now add grated carrots and let it cook for 2min.

5. Then add cumin powder, coriander powder, almond cashew powder, vermicelli, oats and 1 glass of water.

6. Let it cook by closing with a lid till it is cooked nicely. After 5min of cooking add cheese and let it cook untill all the water is absorbed by vermicelli and oats.
7. Finally Tasty Vermicelli And Oatmeal Upma is Ready.

Note : If your kids have allergy with nuts, it is optional to add almond and cashew powder.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


1. Carrots -- 1/2Cup
2. Onions -- 1/4Cup
3. Tomato -- 1/2Cup
4. Butter -- 2Tsp
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Sugar -- 1/4Tsp
7. Black Pepper Powder -- 1/2Tsp
8. Garlic Cloves -- 2
9. Half and Half Milk (Or) Whole Milk -- 1/2Cup

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat butter in a pan and add garlic cloves, chopped onions, tomato and carrots to it. 
2. Add pinch of salt, close it with a lid and led it cook till all the veggies become soft.

3. Let it cool down and then blend into smooth paste.
4. Again transfer it to a sauce pan and add milk and black pepper powder to it.
5. Mix well and let it boil for 5-10min.
6. Finally transfer the soup to a serving bowl, top it with Butter and Black Pepper Powder and serve.