I'm Swetha, the person behind the recipes and the pictures in this blog.

I'm from Hyderabad, India and currently residing in Edison with my Husband Vyas.

In my Journey of Exploring New things, i learnt many things......

At first cooking was just my Hobby but now its my Passion. Totally being a Foodie, i have the craze of taking the snaps of the dishes which i like. Then i started to take the pictures of my recipes too.

Frankly speaking, i started cooking only after my Marriage (June 2nd, 2010), as before marriage my mom and grandmom never asked me to cook. My Mom And Grandmom gave me the Good and Healthy Food.

I love Cooking a Lot. Suddenly a thought striked my mind to start a Food Blog and share my recipes with everyone. I have started Blogging on October 27th, 2011. Since then im cooking many new varieties of recipes and hope this continues forever. Soon i will post my 100th Recipe.

Inspiration behind this blog is My Sweet Husband. As he is also a Food Lover, he helps me in cooking new cuisines.

As im still learning the Perfect Art of Cooking, i make only simple,basic and easy dishes. Being a Vegetarian, i only cook Vegetarian Food. I use only the ingredients which are generally available at our home.

Thank You So Much For Visiting My Blog.

Now have a look at the recipes i posted. Try the new recipes and the new techniques by visiting my blog regularly.

Have a Wonderful Time with Swetha's Vegetarian Cuisine.


  1. Hey Swetha!

    Superb work done in ur blog!! totally love it .. count me addicted to it;)

    Way to go!! Keep up the good work:)

    Looking forward for latest ones:)

    God bless tc! :)

  2. shweta garu...heartiest congratulations for your blog...its really a blessing for we bachelors...will surely learn cooking few recepies from your blog.

    thank you,



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