Wednesday, August 8, 2012


To Make this Curry You can use Fresh Raw JackFruit but it is not easy to cut the fresh one. So i have used Chaokoh Young Green JackFruit Tin which i got in the Indian Stores.

When you open this Tin you will see small cubes of the Raw JackFruit. Blend those pieces either in a Food Processor or a normal Mixy and make it as a Grated one.

1. Blended Raw JackFruit -- 1Cup
2. Mustard Seeds -- 1Tbsp
3. Channa Dal -- 1Tbsp
4. Red Chilli -- 5
5. Ginger(Chopped) -- 3Tbsp
6. Green Chilli -- 5
7. Peanuts -- 1/4Cup
8. Salt -- To Taste
9. Turmeric -- 1/4Tbsp
10. Tamarind Paste -- 3-4Tbsp
11. Oil -- 4Tbsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First add the blended Raw JackFruit, Turmeric, 1Tbsp of Chopped Ginger and 3Cups of Water in a pan. Close it with a lid and let it cook till the JackFruit becomes Soft.
 It takes around 15-20Min to get cooked.

2. Then strain all the water and keep the Cooked JackFruit to a side.
3. Now heat Oil in a Pan and add Channa Dal, Mustard Seeds, Red Chilli, Green Chilli, Peanuts and 2tbsp of Chopped Ginger.

3. Then add Cooked JackFruit, Salt and Tamarind Paste to the Pan. Mix it well and let it cook for 5-10min.
4. Finally Tasty Raw JackFruit Curry is Ready To Serve.

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