Wednesday, August 29, 2012



1. Sooji -- 1Cup
2. Sugar -- 1Cup
3. Cardamom Seeds -- 1tbsp
4. Warm Milk -- As Required
5. Cashews -- 1/2Cup
6. Raisins -- 1/2Cup
7. Ghee -- 4tbsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Ghee in a pan and add Cashews. Fry them till they turn into golden brown color.

2. Then remove Cashews from the pan and add Raisins. Fry them and keep aside.

 3. Now add Sooji Rava and roast it untill it turns into slight brown color.

4. Blend Sugar and Cardamom Seeds into fine powder.
5. Now tramsfer the roasted Sooji to a bowl and add the roasted Cashews, Raisins and Sugar and Cardamom Powder and mix it well.

5. Now add Warm Milk to this mixture as required to bind it in the form of a Laddu.
Finally Tasty Sooji Laddu is Ready to Eat....

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  1. Authentic ones loved the step by step instructions :) Delicious laddoos :)


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