Wednesday, January 15, 2014


This Cheese Cake is very simple to make using just 6 ingredients. Also this is a Microwave Recipe. 
The Recipe source for me is my Aunt (Lavanya). I have learned making this from her. Thank you Atha for sharing such a nice recipe with me.

1. Ricotta Cheese -- 1Cup
2. Instant Milk Powder -- 1Cup
3. Sugar -- 1Cup
4. Unsalted Butter -- 1Stick (16 Oz)
5.  Almond Powder -- 1/4Cup
6. Kesar -- 1Pinch

Method To Prepare:
1. Take a microwave safe bowl and add Ricotta Cheese, Instant Milk Powder, Sugar, Unsalted Butter to it and microwave it for 3min.
2. Now add Almond Powder and kesar  to it and mix it nicely.
3. Stirring continously for every 3min microwave it for 12-14min.
4. Then you can observe the change of color into nice brown color.
5. Finally transfer it to a plate and garnish with chopped almonds and kesar and Serve it.

Note : Remember to stir for every 2-3 min so that it doesn't form lumps.

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