Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hello Everyone and Thanks to my Co-blogger Aara for nominating my blog to this Libster Award.
Libster Award is German Originated word which has the various meanings such as loved, dearest, sweet, etc.,.
Libster award is a kind of E-Award given by on blogger to other co-bloggers as a token of appreciation.

This is my 5th award after i started blogging. Hope to recieve more awards in future.

This is award is said to be the chain process as it has to be passed from one blogger to another so that you can explore different bloggers.

Now it's the time to answer the questions framed by Aara for her nominees.

1. What do you understand with the concept of blogging?
- The concept of blogging is very nice so that we can interact with many people who are involved in blogging. About a food blog, while blogging we can also learn many new recipes.

2. What are the things that changed after you started blogging?
- The only thing changed for me after starting my food blog is my interest in cooking new variety of recipes and cuisines have been improved.

3. If you are a food blogger, do ur family and friends support your efforts?
- Yes.................... I get a lot of Support from my husband (Vyas) and friends (Bharath & Swaggi)

4. How is your blog different from other blogs you came across?
- I cook vegetarian recipes and many different cuisines.

5. Do you have virtual friends?
- Yes...

6. What is your new year resolution?
- To post more and more recipes and also make videos of my cooking.

7. One thing you always fantasy about you can have?
- Chocolate cake

8. 5 things you love most.
- If these 5 things must be related to food then my answer is below or if its different category also then i have many things which i love.
  • Potato Fry
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Pani Puri
  • Rasmalai
  • Chilli Paneer

9. Blogging is a different world !! What if you were not a blogger? and what if you have to quit blogging anytime???
- Yes blogging is totally a different world!! 
- I don't know what and how would it be if i'm not a blogger.  But i'm sure i will never quit blogging. Posting of new recipes may reduce because of my personal life but i will never leave it completely.

10. Who inspire and motivate you to cook?
- My Lovely Husband.

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  1. Congratulations dear! Nice to know about u :) Happy Blogging!


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