Sunday, July 1, 2012


Cluster Beans
The health benefits of Cluster Beans are in the Protien and Fiber they provide. Cluster Beans(Known as Goru Chikkudu) are a type of Green Beans grown in India, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.
Cluster Beans has also been shown to be useful in weight loss and diabetes treatment.The fiber in Cluster Beans slows down the digestion of a meal which lowers the glycemic index of the meal.

Ingredients :
1. Cluster Beans(Chopped) -- 2Cups
2. Red Chilli -- 6
3. Urad Dal -- 1tbsp
4. Cumin Seeds -- 1/2tbsp
5. Salt --To Taste
6. Grated Coconut -- 1/2Cup
7. Oil -- 2tbsp

Method To Prepare:
1. First Steam Cook the chopped Cluster Beans by adding Salt to it.
2. Now heat oil in a pan and add Cumin Seeds, Urad Dal and Red Chilli. Fry them till the Urad Dal changes its color.

3. Then add the cooked Cluster Beans to this pan.

4. Add required amount of Salt to it and let it cook for 5min.
5. Then add Grated Coconut and Mix it well.
6. Finally Tasty Cluster Beans Curry is Ready to Serve.

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