Sunday, July 29, 2012


1. Carrots (Grated) -- 1Cup
2. Spring Onion (Chopped) -- 1/2Cup
3. Onions (Finely Chopped) -- 1/2Cup
4. Tomato (Finely Chopped) -- 1/4Cup
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Ginger (Finely Chopped) -- 1Tbsp
7. Green Chilli (Finely Chopped) -- 1Tbsp
8. Chaat Masala -- 1Tbsp
9. Garam Masala -- 1/2Tbsp
10. Oil/Ghee -- 2tbsp
11. Bread Slices -- 2

Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Oil/Ghee in a pan and add Chopped Green Chilli and Ginger.

2. Fry them for 2min and add Chopped Onions. Fry till the Onions turn transparent.

3. After the Onions are fried well, add Tomatoes to the pan and cook them till the tomatoes become soft.

4. Now add Grated Carrot and Spring Onions to the Pan. Fry them for about 10-15min.

5. Finally add Garam Masala, Chaat Masala and Salt and Mix it well.

6. Then Roast the Bread Slice on both the sides and spread the above prepared mixture on one of the bread slice and keep the other slice on top of it as shown below.

7. Tasty Carrot-Spring Onion Sandwich is ready to Eat.

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