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Hurray Im posting my 100th Recipe. Thank You So Much for Encouraging me. Hope this Continues and my Recipes will increase more and more.
Now lets go to the Recipe.
1. Spinach Leaves -- 3Cups
2. Water -- 2Cups
3. Salt -- To Taste
4. Tamarind Jucie -- 4-5Tbsp
5. Channa Dal -- 5tbsp
6. Fenugreek Seeds -- 1tbsp
7. Sesame Seeds -- 2tbsp
8. Mustard Seeds -- 1tbsp
9. Asafoetida -- 1/4tbsp
10. Green Chilli -- 4
11. Red Chilli -- 4
12. Oil -- 2tbsp
Method To Prepare:
1. First wash the Spinach Leaves with Fresh Water and the pressure cook upto 3 Whistles.
2. Meanwhile heat Oil in a Pan and add Channa Dal, Sesame Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds and Red Chilli.

3. Fry them all till they turn into slight brown color. Then remove the pan from heat and let it cool down.
4. After it gets cooled blend them all together into fine paste by adding required amount of water.
5. Now take out the cooked Spianch Leaves from the pressure cooker and add the paste which we have prepared earlier.
6. Also add Salt, Asafoetida and Water and Mix it well.
7. Finally Tamper it with Mustard Seeds.
8. Tasty Spinach(Palak) Pulusu is Ready to Serve.

Enjoy this Pulusu with Plain Rice. It Tastes Yummy..............
Note: You can make this recipe with Amarnath Leaves also. Follow the same procedure and instead of Spinach Leaves add Amarnath Leaves.

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