Friday, July 27, 2012


Almonds and pistachios are two kinds of nuts that can be highly beneficial to your health. They contain significant amounts of several nutrients, and eating them may also improve your heart health and cholesterol levels.
Both almonds and pistachios, like many other types of nuts, are good sources of protein.
These nuts are essential part of a heart-healthy diet. Eating them daily can cut your risk of getting the blood clots that may lead to a heart attack.

1. Pistachios(Pista) -- 1/4Cup
2. Almonds(Badam) -- 1/2Cup
3. Sugar -- 1/4Cup
4. Cardamom Powder -- 1/4tbsp
5. Boiled Milk -- 2Cups
6. Saffron -- To Garnish.

Method To Prepare:
1. Soak Almonds and Pistachios in Warm Water for atleast 1/2 an Hour.
2. Then Peel the skin of the almonds and blend both Pista and Almonds into fine Paste by adding 1/2Cup of Milk.
3. Now add this paste to the remaining milk. Also add Cardamom Powder and sugar.
4. Stirr it well without any lumps are formed.
5. Finally Garnish with Saffron and Serve Chilled.

Note: Add Sugar and Cardamom Powder as per your Taste.


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