Friday, April 19, 2013


1. Cucumber -- 1
2. Red Chilli Powder -- 1 1/2Tbsp
3. Rai Powder -- 2Tbsp
4. Salt -- To Taste
5. Asafoetida -- 1/4Tbsp
6. Oil -- 1/4Cup
7. Lime Juice (Or) Amchoor Powder (Optional) -- 1/4Tbsp
Method To Prepare:
1. First Cut the Cucumber into small pieces without peeling it.
2. Then add Rai Powder, Red Chilli Powder and Salt to it. Mix it Well.

3. Now heat Oil in a small pan and add Asafoetida to it. And add this Oil to the Cucumber pieces.
4. If you want you can add Lime Juice Or Amchoor Powder at this stage and Mix everything well.
5. Finally Tasty Cucumber Pickle is Ready To Serve.

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