Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1. Carrot (Grated) -- 1/2Cup
2. Celery (Chopped) -- 1/2Cup
3. Bread Slices -- 4
4. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread -- 4Tbsp
5. Salt -- To Taste
6. Black Pepper Powder -- 1/4Tbsp (Add As Required)
Method To Prepare:
1. First take the Cream Cheese Spread into a Mixing Bowl and then add Grated Carrots, Chopped Celery, Salt and Pepper Powder.
2. Mix everything well.
3. Now Toast a Bread Slice and spread the Cream Cheese mixture and cover it with other bread.
4. Finally Tasty Carrot-Celery Sandwich is Ready To Serve.

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