Thursday, November 17, 2011


1. Coconut Milk -- 4Cups
2. Basmati Rice -- 2Cups
3. Cashews -- 1/4Cup
4. Cinnamon Stick(1 inch) -- 2
5. Cloves -- 15
6. Cardamom Seeds -- 1/4tbsp
7. Potato (Cut into Small Cubes) -- 2
8. Green Peas -- 1/2Cups
9. Salt -- To Taste
10. Green Chilli -- 4
11. Oil/Ghee -- 2tbsp
                        (You can use either oil or ghee according to your  choice)

Method To Prepare:
1. Heat Oil/Ghee in a pan and add Cinnamon Stick, Cloves, Cardamom Seeds, Cashews.
    Let them fry for 2Min.

2. Then add Potatoes, Green Peas,Green Chilli and Salt. Again fry them for 5Min.

3. Now transfer everything to Electric Cooker Bowl along with the Basmati Rice and add Coconut Milk to it.

4. Let the Electric Cooker do its job.
5. Finally once the rice is cooked, Transfer it to the Serving Bowl and Enjoy the Tasty Coconut Rice.

Serve Hot with Aloo Koorma or Vegetable Manchurian Gravy.

TIP:  In this reciepe,  i have measured the coconut milk as 4Cups by taking 160ML Cup of Milk as 1Cup.
Even i took the Basmati Rice also with the Same Cup. So You can Measure accordingly by your convenience. But the basic measurement is that for 1Cup of Rice you should add 2Cups of Coconut Milk.
Here, i have extracted the coconut milk from the fresh coconut.

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