Monday, March 4, 2013


1. Cumin Seeds -- 2Tbsp
2. Cloves -- 6
3. Cashews -- 1/4Cup
4. Green Chilli -- 8
5. Potato(Cut into Cubes) --2
6. Green Peas -- 1/4Cup
7.  Salt -- To Taste
8. Basmati Rice -- 1Cup
9. Ghee -- 4Tbsp
10. Water -- 1 1/2Cups
Method To Prepare:
1. First heat Ghee in a Pressure Cooker and add Cumin Seeds, Cloves, and Cashews. Fry them for 2min.
2. Then add Green Chilli, Cubed Potato and Green Peas to it.
3. Now add Salt, Basmati Rice and Water to the Pressure Cooker and Close the Lid of it. Let it cook upto 4 long whistles.

4. Finally Tasty Jeera Rice is Ready To Serve.
 Serve it Hot with Bell Pepper Masala

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  1. Jeera rice looks delicious...i usually make mine just plain without any vege added...will try ur version some day..:-)


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