Saturday, May 11, 2013


1. Toor Dal -- 1/2Cup
2. Onions (Chopped) -- 1/2Cup
3. Tomato -- 1/4Cup
4. Mint Leaves -- 1/2Cup
5. Sambar Powder -- 1Tbsp
6. Mustard Seeds -- 1/2Tbsp
7. Cumin Seeds -- 1/2Tbsp
8. Curry Leaves -- 5nos
9. Green Chilli -- 4
10. Red Chilli -- 4
11. Asafoetida -- 1/4Tbsp
12. Ghee -- 2Tbsp
13. Salt -- To Taste

Method To Prepare:
1. First Pressure cook the Toor Dal and keep aside.
2. Then heat Ghee in a pan and add Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Curry Leaves, Green Chilli, Red Chilli and fry them till the Mustard Seeds Splutter.

2. Now add Chopped Onions to the Pan and fry them till they become golden brown color.

3. Then add Chopped Tomatoes and Salt and cook till they become soft.
4. Once the Tomatoes become soft, add Chopped Mint Leaves to the Pan and fry for 2-3min.

5. Then add cooked Toor Dal, Sambar Powder and 1/2Cup of Water to the Pan and Cook for 5-10min on low flame.

6. Finally Tasty Mint Dal is Ready To Serve.

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  1. this is a new way to use mint with dal... nice idea...


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