Thursday, May 30, 2013


Iced Magic is the Refreshing Summer Cooler which is a combination of Guava and Watermelon.
1. Guava Juice -- 1Cup
2. Watermelon Juice -- 2Cups
3. Sugar -- As needed
4. Lime Juice -- 2Tbsp
5. Watermelon Cubes -- To Garnish
6. Ice Cubes
Method To Prepare:
1. Mix all the Ingredients in a blender and blend them into smooth juice.
2. Then strain the juice using a strainer.
3. Now place the ice cubes in a serving glass and pour the juice into it.
4. Finally Serve Immediately by garnishing with Watermelon Cubes.
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  1. ice ice baby , coool it's so hot, i just want anything cold, and this drink rocks !


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