Saturday, June 23, 2012


1. Spinach Leaves -- 3Cups
2. Toor Dal -- 1Cup
3. Green Chilli -- 4-5
4. Red Chilli -- 3-4
5. Mustard Seeds -- 1Tbsp
6. Cumin Seeds -- 1Tbsp
7. Garlic Cloves -- 4-5
8. Salt -- To Taste
9. Ghee -- 2tbsp

Method To Prepare :
1. First Wash the Spinach Leaves and pressure cook it along with Toor Dal upto 4 Whistles by adding 2Cups of Water.

2. Now in a small pan heat Ghee and fry Garlic Cloves chopped into small pieces.

3. Once the Garlic Pieces turn into slight brown color, add Mustard Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Green Chilli and Red Chilli.

4. Now add this Tampering to the Cooked Dal and also add Salt to it. Mix it well and Let it Boil for 10min.

5. Finally the Tasty & Healthy Spinach Dal is Ready to Serve. 
Serve it Hot with Plain Rice.

Note: In this Dal you can even add Tamarind Juice but eating too much of Tamarind is not good for health. So i will avoid adding Tamarind in most of the Dals. It Tastes good even without Tamarind. If you want, you can happily add the Tamarind Juice and enjoy the Spinach Dal.

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