Thursday, December 1, 2011



1. Raw Rice -- 1Cup
2. Urad Dal -- 1/2Cup
3. Salt -- To Taste
4. Grated Coconut -- 4 to 5 tbsp

Method To Prepare:

1. Soak the raw rice and urad dal overnight.
2. Then grind them into a fine paste by adding some water and grated coconut.
3. Now add sufficient salt to the batter. Remember that the batter should be slightly thinner than the normal dosa batter. As we add coconut in it, we cant spread the batter. Just pour it on the skillet.

4. Pre-heat the tawa or skillet/griddle and pour a laddle full of batter on it and add 1tbsp of oil to roast the dosa nicely.

5. Roast the dosa for sometime and turn it to other side. Roast the dosa on both sides and transfer it to the serving plate.

Serve this Tasty Coconut Dosa hot with Tomato Chutney (Or any Chutney of your own choice) And Tiffin Center Sambar.

You can feel the nice flavour of the coconut while eating the dosa.

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