Thursday, December 15, 2011


A pancake is a thin, flat, round cake prepared from a batter, and cooked on a hot griddle or a frying pan. Most pancakes are quick breads.


1. Green Peas -- 1Cup
2. Moong Dal -- 1Cup
3. Salt -- To Taste
4. Green Chilli -- 4 to 5
5. Ginger
6. Oil -- For Frying

1. Soak moong dal for about an hour.
2. Then grind it by adding green peas, ginger, salt and green chillies finely into a smooth batter.
3. Pre-Heat the griddle or a frying pan and pour the batter on it and spread a little and add little oil on it to fry.

4.When it is cooked on one side,  turn it over and cook the otherside for few minutes.
5. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining batter.
6. Tasty Green Peas Pancake is Ready to Serve.

Serve Hot.................

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