Monday, September 17, 2012


1. Apple (Grated) --1
2. Honey -- 3tbsp
3. Cinnamon Powder -- 1/4tbsp
4. Ghee -- 1tbsp
5. Bread Slices -- 2

Method To Prepare:
1. Heat Ghee in a Pan and add Grated Apple. Fry it for 10min.
2. Then add Honey to it and mix it well.

3. Finally add Cinnamon Powder and remove it from the Heat.
4. Now Cut the sides of a Bread Slice and spread the Apple Mixture over it and then cover it with other Bread Slice.

5. Finally Cut the Sandwich into your favourite shapes and enjoy the Tasty and Healthy Apple Honey Sandwich

This Sandwich becomes a Good Breakfast for Kids along with a Glass of Milk.

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