Thursday, May 3, 2012


Drinking 1 cup of fenugreek tea per day, made from the leaves, is said to relieve the discomfort of arthritis.
Fenugreek seeds are used as a medicinal in  Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tea made from the seeds is used in the Near East to treat various kidney, heart, abdominal illnesses and Diabetes.

Other Benefits of Fenugreek Leaves are:
(a) It Prevents Hair Loss
(b) It helps in Losing Weight
(c) It is Good for Beauty and Health
(d) It Prevents Dandruff & Strengthens Hair.

Ingredients :
1. Methi Leaves -- 1/2Cup
2. Toor Dal -- -- 1/2Cup
3. Tomato -- 2
4. Green Chill -- 4-5
5. Mustard Seeds -- 1tbsp
6. Cumin Seeds -- 1tbsp
7. Salt -- To Taste
8. Turmeric -- 1Pinch
9. Oil / Ghee -- 2tbsp

Method To Prepare :
1. First wash the Methi Leaves and pressure cook both methi leaves and toor dal together and keep aside.

2. Now heat oil/ghee in a pan and add Mustad Seeds, Cumin Seeds and Green Chilli.
3. When they start spluttering,  add the diced tomatoes along with a pinch of Turmeric and Salt. Let it cook until the tomatoes become soft.

4. Then add the cooked Toor Dal and Methi Leaves to the pan.
5.  Mix it well and let it cook for 10min. Finally the Tasty and Healthy Methi Leaves Dal is Ready.
Serve it Hot with Plain Rice.

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