Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Strawberry Summer Sparkler is a Summer Special Drink which has the combination of Sweet Strawberries and Refreshing Lemon and Pear Juices mixed with Soda and Topped with a Hint of Fresh Mint.
1. Fresh Strawberries -- 8
2. Lemon Juice -- 2Tbsp
3. Fresh Pear -- 1
4. Mint Leaves -- To Garnish
5. Club Soda -- 1/4Cup
Method To Prepare:
1. First extract the Strawberry Juice and Pear Juice Separately and keep them aside.
2. Then take a serving glass and add Lemon Juice and Club Soda in that and Mix it well.
3. Now add both Strawberry Juice and Pear Juice to it..
4. Finally Mix everything well and Garnish with Mint Leaves.
5. Refrigerate it for couple of hours and enjoy the tasty Strawberry Summer Sparkler.
Serve Chilled.....................

Linking this Recipe to Foodabulous Fest - (Ramzan And Mango Season) Hosted by Saju's Tastes and Organized by Simply Tadka.

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