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Apricots are rich in Vitamins A, B2, B3 and C, as well as with useful natural sugars. The fruit is slightly acidic and more likely suitable for blending than for juicing. It is very low caloric and can provide great amounts of healthy nutrition.
There are numerous advantages of eating apricots, both fresh and dried, on a regular basis.
Healt benefits of apricot include improved function of brain due to high content of magnesium and phosphorus.
Magnesium can also help to normalize blood pressure very effectively.
Positive effects on our eye vision is one more important heath benefit of this fruit. Apricots contain good amounts of Vitamin A and can assist in improving vision.
Apricot juice can be used to relief increased acidity in stomach.


1. Apricots -- 1Cup (I have used Seedless Apricots)
2. Sugar -- 1/2Cup
3. Water -- To Soak Apricots

Method To Prepare:
1. First soak the apricots for about 5-6 hrs
2. Now put the soaked apricots in a pan along with the water and get it to boil.

3. Once apricots become soft add sugar to it.

4. Now Cover it with a lid and cook until the apricots are totally cooked.
5. Then take a masher and mash the mixture nicely or you can even blend it if you want it to be smooth.
6. Finally transfer it to a bowl, let it cool and Serve it with Custard or Sweet Cream.

I would like to Serve this dish along with Custard.

Note: You can even use the seeded apricots where after the apricots are soaked you can remove the seeds from them and these seeds can also be included in khubani ka meetha recipe.


  1. looks yummy...should definetely try

    1. Thank You so much Satya. Ya try it. Frankly even i did the experiment. But i liked it. Its really good and tasty. Hope you will also like it.

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