Friday, October 4, 2013


1. Sandwich Bread -- 2 Slices
2. Mozzarella Cheese
3. Onion Slices
4. Tomato Slices
5. Cucumber Slices
6. Lettuce
7. Tomato Sauce -- 1Tbsp
8. Mint - Coriander Sauce -- 1Tbsp
9. Salt -- To Taste
10. Pepper Powder
11. Butter -- To Toast The Bread
12. Pickled Jalapenos -- 1/4Cup
Method To Prepare:
1. First Toast the Bread Slices using Butter and keep aside.
2. Then spread the Tomato Sauce on one of the Bread Slice and Mint-Coriander Sauce on the Other one.
3. Now place the Lettuce Leaf as a base and then put the Tomato Slices, Onion Slices, Cucumber Slices, Mozzarella Cheese, Pickled Jalapenos and then Sprinkle Salt and Pepper over it.
4. Finally Place the other Bread Slice Over it and Place it on the Griddle and toast it for 2min so that the Cheese Melts.
Enjoy the Tasty Vegetable Grilled Sandwich..........


  1. a meal of goodness....easy to make sandwich...perfect for outdoors...


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