Tuesday, October 22, 2013


1. Black Beans -- 1Tin
2. Medium Sized Potatoes (Boiled and Mashed) -- 3
3. Bell Peppers -- 1
4. Onion --1
5. Green Chilly --8
6. Ginger-Garlic Paste -- 2Tbsp
7. Salt -- To Taste
8. Bread Crumbs -- 1Cup
9. Oil -- For Shallow Fry
10. Burger Buns -- 4
11. Tomato Slices -- 4
12. Lettuce Leaves -- 4
Method To Prepare :
1. First add Bell Pepper and Onion to a Food Chopper and chop them finely.
2. Then add Black Beans and Green Chilly to it and again chop it nicely.
3. Now transfer everything to a bowl and add Salt, Ginger-Garlic Paste and Mashed Potatoes to it and mix everything well.
4. Then add Bread Crumbs to it and mix well.
5. Finally make patties out of the mixture we have prepared and shallow fry them by adding required amount of oil.
6. Now toast a burger bun and place the Black Beans Pattie over it and then place the Lettuce Leaf over it and then comes the Tomato Slice. Finally Cover it with top part of the burger bun.
7. Tasty Black Beans Burger is Ready To Serve..............

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  1. Swetha,

    Black bean burger looks so yum! I like burgers, but never tried making it...

    Thank you so much for posting so many vegan recipes, good for our health...


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