Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Lassi is a Popular and Traditional Yogurt Drink. It Originates in India's Punjab.
Lassi is a Blend of Yogurt, Water, Spices, and Sometimes Sugar and Fruits also.
You can make Lassi in Three Types.
1. Salt Lassi
2. Sweet Lassi
3. Lassi By adding any Fruit ( That makes Fruit Lassi).
1. Curd -- 1Cup
2. Grated Coconut -- 1/4Cup
3. Sugar -- 1/4Cup
4. Boost And Chopped Cashews Nuts -- To Garnish.
Method To Prepare:
1. Add Curd, Coconut and Sugar to a Blender and blend them smoothly.
2. Then transfer it to a Serving Glass and Garnish with Boost Or Bournvita and Chopped Cashew Nuts.
3. Tasty Coconut Lassi is Ready to Serve.
Serve Chilled..................


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