Friday, December 21, 2012


1. Onions(Chopped) -- 1Cup
2. Soya Chunks -- 4Cups
3. Broccoli -- 1Cup
4. Potato -- 2
5. Mixed Vegetables (Carrots, Beans, Green Peas, Sweet Corn) -- 1Cup
6. Salt -- To Taste
7. Green Chilli -- 10
8. Ginger-Garlic Paste -- 1Tbsp
9. Chaat Masala -- 1Tbsp
10. Ajwain -- 1/2Tbsp
11. Roasted Channa Dal -- 3Tbsp
12. Bamboo Skewers
13. Oil -- 4Tbsp
Method To Prepare:
1. First boil Potatoes and Soya Chunks and keep them aside.
2. Dry roast Ajwain and Roasted Channa Dal in a small pan and blend it into a fine powder.
3. Now heat oil in a pan and add Green Chilli to it.
4. Then add chopped Onions and Ginger-Garlic Paste to it. Fry them till the onions become transparent.
5. Now add Broccoli to the pan and cook till it becomes soft.
6. Then add mixed vegetables to the pan.
7. Now take the cooked potatoes, soya chunks, and the above prepared mixed vegetables to a bowl and add Salt and Roasted Channa Dal powder to it. Mash everything into a paste and mix it well.
8. Take small portion of the Paste and make it in the form of a  Kabab and insert it into the Bamboo Skewer. Make as more Kababs with remaining paste.
9. Now pre-heat a Non-stick pan or a Griddle and Roast the Kababs on it till slight Golden Brown Color appears.
10. Finally Tasty Vegetable Seekh Kababs are Ready To Serve....
Enjoy the Kababs either with Green Chilli Chutney or Tomato Sauce....

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