Wednesday, January 9, 2013


1. Rice Flour -- 4Tbsp
2. Jaggery -- 1/4Cup (Add As per your Taste)
3. Cardamom Powder -- 1/2Tbsp
4. Coconut (Grated) -- 2Tbsp
5. Milk -- 1/2Cup
6. Water -- 1Cup
Method To Prepare:
1. First add Jaggery to the boiling water and stirr well till it melts.
2. Mix Rice Flour in 1/4Cup of Water and add it to the Pan along with Grated Coconut.
3. Mix it well till it becomes thick paste.
4. Then add Milk to the Pan and Mix it well.
5. Finally Add Cardamom Powder and Serve it.
This Rice Flour Sweet Tastes Good as a Side Dish for Dosa especially for Kids who dont like Spicyness.

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