Friday, October 12, 2012


1. Yellow Lentils(Toor Dal) -- 1Cup
2. Garlic Cloves -- 10no.s
3. Salt -- To Taste
4. Cumin Seeds -- 1/2tbsp
5. Urad Dal -- 1/2tbsp
7. Red Chilli -- 10
8. Ghee -- 2-3tbsp
9. Curry Leaves (Optional)

Method To Prepare :
1. First Dry Roast the Toor Dal for 5-10min. You can observe nice roasted aroma from the toor dal. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool.
2. Now grind the Roasted Dal and Red Chilli by adding some water into a fine paste.
3. Now add the Dal and Red Chilli Paste to a pan and add 1Cup of Water to it. Also add Salt and mix it well.
4. Then let it boil till it becomes thicker. But remember you should keep on stirring it or else the bottom of the dal will be burnt.
5. Then heat ghee in other small pan and add Garlic Cloves, Urad Dal. Red Chilli and Cumin it. 

6. Fry them till the Urad Dal changes into nice brown color and Garlic becomes soft.
7. Finally the Tasty Yellow Lentils-Garlic Dal is  Ready to Serve.

It doesnt taste good if it becomes cold. So Serve it Hot with Plain Rice.......................

Note: You can add more Red Chilli if you want more spicy ness.

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