Tuesday, November 5, 2013


1. Milk -- 2Cups
2. Grated Jaggery -- 1/4Cup
3. Black Peppercorns Powder -- 1Tbsp
4. Water -- 1/4Cup
Method To Prepare:
1. First take a small pan and add grated jaggery and water to it.
2. Let the jaggery get melted in the water.
3. Then add black peppercorns powder to it and mix it.
4. After 2min add Milk to the pan and let the milk boil on low flame.
5. Finally Black Peppercorns Milk is Ready to Serve.
6. If you wish you can have it as it is or strain all the peppercorns powder using a strainer and drink the milk.
Note: This Black Peppercorns Milk acts as a Medicinal product in Winter Season. If you have soar throat or any kind of problem in your throat just make this milk at your home and drink it. If possible you can even increase the quantity of peppercorn powder and reduce jaggery as per your taste.

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  1. we used to add turmeric also to this. A healthy milk

  2. Really healthy drink and good for winter Wow.. Thanks for sharing this recipe with my event.


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