Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Everyone has their own Recipe to Make Sambar Powder but here is my Recipe in which the Toor Dal need not be cooked earlier. Just add the Tampering and Saute the Veggies of your choice. Then add this Sambar Powder along with Tamarind paste, and Coconut Powder.

1. Raw Rice -- 1Cup
2. Toor Dal -- 1Cup
3. Fenugreek Seeds -- 1/4Cup
4. Coriander Seeds -- 1/2Cup
5. Red Chilli -- 10-15
6. Turmeric Powder -- 1Tbsp
7. Black Peppercorns -- 1Tbsp
8. Oil -- 2Tbsp

1. Add Oil to the Pan and add all the ingredients one by one.
2. Saute them till golden brown color.
3. Let it cool down and then grind everything into fine powder.
4. So our Sambar Powder is Ready....

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